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Galactic Logos

Remembering The Secret Universal Laws of The Universe

It is Time to Remember !

Who you are and what is your greater mission in this lifetime

You are a Divine Being Created in the Image of the Creator. 

You have a Divine Mission and I am here to remind you of your greater mission in this lifetime. 

Just Like Your Fingerprint, You are a Unique Being with a special Purpose

By attending the Galactic Logos University you will remember your infinite power, divinity and your life's purpose. 

You will deprogram yourself from the mind matrix and be able to navigate the universal cosmic consciousness at will and receive all the information directly from the source

I am here to remind and guide you in this journey of self mastery & discovery 

Guiding You in this Journey

Osiris  Ra

Osiris Ra

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Galactic Logos Mission Statement:

1- To Free All Sentient Beings on our planet and in the entire Cosmos as co-creators in divine Universal Harmony

2- To Honor all sentient beings as sovereign beings connected to source of all

3- To Honour all life & animal kingdom as our extended family. Eating of animals and other beings will not be allowed

4- To abolish any form of slavery, that includes modern slavery

5- To raise awareness and consciousness of all beings to see the truth of their existence through 144 centers of consciousness established around the world that teaches the true knowledge of living and co creating

6- Any false ideology , religions and schools or universities that dis-empowers the sovereignty of any sentient being is abolished

7- Removal of of any & all false economy based on Hierarchical Draconian order and replacement of it with Utopian United cCenters around the globe where everyone shares their divine gift with one another and volunteer their time for the good of all. All members can choose to travel to any center around the world in the spirit of sharing and caring in accordance with their divine blueprint

8- Removal of all borders that separates the United Humanity

9- Natural ways of healing through plant medicine , energy healing and other advanced healing methods will be used instead of masking the symptoms with conventional treatments

10- To Activate and Unite the Divine Feminine with their Divine Masculine in all Sentient beings as part of the ascension journey that we will all going to experience.

More to Come .....